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Hemp cuttings - Bruce Banner#3 - Anesia S.

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Bruce Banner is an exceptionally strong and powerful strain that takes its name from the secret identity of comic book superhero Hulk.

Especially the strain Bruce Banner #3 reaches a THC content of almost 30%, making it the strongest strain ever tested in the US Cannabis Cup.Originally from Colorado, we received an elite clone directly from our friend and experienced breeder Larry.Bruce Banner #3 is OG dominant and was created by crossing an OG Ghost with a Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel.The effect sets in quickly and provides an instant boost of euphoria before transitioning into relaxation. This powerful hybrid has a great balance between the sativa and indica effects. The energy that Bruce Banner gives can easily be converted into productivity, making this strain suitable for daytime or evening use, although its potency is often too strong for professional situations.

Growing this variety is a pleasure: Late in the flowering period, the fan leaves tend to take on a rich dark magenta color.

A layer of large trichomes covers all surfaces, the buds are dense, completely covered with resin and slightly rounded. The aroma of Bruce Banner #3 is very sweet with citrus notes and leaves a slightly spicy aftertaste.The effect starts immediately with a euphoric head high that lets you slowly slide into a pleasant, relaxed body high while the mind is still performing at maximum capacity.The journey with Bruce Banner #3 never seems to end, and its nearly 30% THC will be an unforgettable experience.An excellent choice for experienced cannabis users and those looking for a powerful and strong high.

Medicinal Uses:
Bruce Banner offers a relaxing body high accompanied by beneficial pain-relieving effects for users. This sativa-dominant strain is often used to treat pain, depression, PTSD, inflammation, and migraines.


Variety: Bruce Banner #3

Breeder: Anesia Seeds

Genotype: 40% indica | 60% sativa

Cross: OG Ghost x Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel

Flowering time (in weeks): 8-9

THC content: 28.5%

CBD content: 1.09



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Associated mother plant:



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