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LED GROWBOX SET HL80 - 80x80x180cm - SUN FORCE 200W

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Please Choose:


incl. soil and pots?

BASIC-SET (9x 11L-pot & 2x Plagron Growmix 50L)

PROFI-SET (25x 3,5L-pot & 2x Plagron Growmix 50L)

incl. Fertilizer-Set (-10%)

Additional accessories

Add to Cart:

This set has absolute full equipment, it contains:


1x Tent Growbox Homebox Homelab HL80 (80 x 80 x 180 cm).

Faster, higher, further, better!

The HOMElab offers everything you can expect from a modern, silver-coated grow tent. The extremely easy assembly (without tools), the high-quality workmanship as well as the constantly improved functionality inspire growers all over the world.

  • Material inside: silver reflective surface
  • Material outside: black, waterproof and opaque polyester fabric
  • Dimensions: 80x80x180cm
  • Cable tubes: 2 x 100 mm
  • Surface area: 0.64 m²
  • Maximum load: up to 50 kg
  • Ventilation tube:
  • 3 x 130 mm for uncomplicated and stable installation of an air circulation system, flexibly adjustable.
  • Simple and quick assembly!



The new full spectrum LEDs from Green Force were developed for commercial horticulture. Now hobby growers can also benefit from this quality. The practical manual dimmer simplifies the operation even more and increases the possibilities of use. 

The 200 Watt model has 4 light strips with the following specifications: 

  • Input voltage: 110-277V 
  • Size: 31 x 34cm
  • Efficiency: 2.6μmol/y,
  • PPF: 520μmol/s

This extremely impressive efficiency not only saves on electricity costs, but also provides the right light at every stage of the plant's development thanks to the dual spectrum. The passive cooling of the lamp ensures smokeless operation of the lamp. With the 2.6mol/y efficiency, efficiency values similar to those of large LED lamp manufacturers such as Lumatek or Sanlight can be achieved. In total, the plant comes to 530 micromol/s, which is sufficient for 8-10 plants.

In total, an area of 40cmx40cm (or more) can be illuminated with this highly efficient lamp. 

The LED is supplied including a suitable suspension.



1x suspension / hanger (2 pcs.; adjustable) (included in LED)

1x standard timer


1x SafeLine tube fan 125mm / 240m³ (incl. cable)

1x Can-Fan activated carbon filter 125mm / 300m³

1x flange 125mm (to screw onto the AKF)

2x meter exhaust hose Aluflex 125mm

2x hose clips / hose clamps (for fastening the hose to the venti and filter)


Incl. soil and pots:

Basic set:

9x 11L pot (square) and additionally 2x 50L Plagron Growmix (soil with perlite) - ideal for beginners.

Professional set:

25x 3.5L pot (square) and additionally 2x 50L Plagron Growmix (soil with perlite) - ideally suited for grand masters in growing.

Fertiliser sets (-10% discount):

BioCanna Starter Kit:

this biological starter kit contains:

  • 1L Canna BioVega
  • 1L Canna BioFlores
  • 0,25L Canna BioBoost
  • 0,25L Canna BioRhizotonic

Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit:


  • 1L Sensi Bloom A+B
  • 0,5L Sensi Grow A+B
  • 0,25L Voodoo Juice 
  • 0,5L Big Bud
  • 1L B-52
  • 0,5L Overdrive

Plagron Starter Set Basic:

This starter set contains:

  • 1L Terra Grow
  • 1L Terra Bloom
  • 0,25L Power Roots

... Everything you need for the beginning!

Enough for 1-2 grows in a 80x80x200cm tent.


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