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CleanU - Screeny Weeny Complete Set 6.0 Silicone Fake Penis

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The long awaited high end Screeny Weeny 6.0 is finally launched!

What's new?

Hornier, slimmer, more bendable, more inconspicuous, even more authentic skin texture and all this in a new beautiful packaging made of grass cardboard.

What makes the 6.0 stand out?

Authentic fake penis made of make-up artist silicone with realistic skin texture and unique Push&Pee function. The new 6.0 is even more inconspicuous, more flexible and can hardly be distinguished from the real "Best Piece".


"Hello, I am the unique, deceptively real and fully functional fake penis made of silicone - also called Screeny Weeny. I'm so authentic and easy to use that you won't see or feel any difference from your "real" best piece. In combination with Clean Urine and through the Push&Piss function, "letting water" becomes child's play. I'm handmade in Germany and have to go through several quality checks before being lovingly packaged."

The ScreenyWeeny is the "world's best" fake penis. Its unique Push&Pe feature makes it ideal for targeted use on an important "date" and its one-hand operation means it's always ready to use right away. The Screeny Weeny is available in many different variations. Everyone has the choice, whether lighter or darker, cropped or uncropped. For special requests please contact us at shop@growroom21.at.

The inventor's goal was to bring the world's best and most reliable fake penis to the market. As an orientation he used the Kalashnikov, which became famous for its high reliability under the most adverse conditions. For this, he gave his best piece as a template to please as many people as possible with it.

This silicone penis is designed so close to nature that it is perfectly suitable for trans people as a penis epithesis.

  • The different ScreenyWeeny variants were all molded from real dicks, so an absolutely authentic look is ensured.
  • Strap on & pee - no additional handles necessary, comfortable one-hand operation (Ultimate One-Hand Fake Penis)
  • Due to the thermo bag, an optimal long-lasting "operating temperature" is guaranteed
  • 100% safe and reliable, no dripping or leaking
  • Minimal pressure on the bottom of the ScreenyWeeny triggers the flow of urine and stops it immediately upon release
  • The urine bags are resealable
  • The thermal bag can be adjusted to all sizes from S - XXXL due to the individually adjustable strap
  • Our full cast ScreenyWeeny is made from high quality masking silicone

Scope of delivery:

1x ScreenyWeeny 5.0 "white/mulatte", 2x 80 ml synthetic urine in a trapeze bag with different values, 1x empty trapeze bag (for practice or for foreign urine), 1x thermometer strip, 2x heating pad, 1x thermal belt, 1 x syringe (20 ml) for filling the empty bag, international instructions for use on the packaging.

When using or replacing the urine bag for the first time, the tube and the plug connection must be completely dry and plugged together with a little pressure.



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