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BSF Seeds - Auto Mix Dealer Deal XXL - feminised

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BSF Seeds presents a special selection: the Dealer Deal XXL Automix. This consists of four cannabis classics chosen for their speed, high yields, easy cultivation, and resilience. These seeds come in separate blister packages to avoid confusion. This offer is the best choice to achieve large yields in a short time without compromising quality. With this mix, you can grow different strains in a single package at an unbeatable price.

Critical +2 XXL AUTO: BSF Seeds presents the evolution of the classic Critical+ in its autoflowering version, the Critical+2 XXL Auto. This strain is medium-sized with a short flowering time and produces very compact plants with the characteristic sweet aroma of Critical+2. Some specimens also exhibit citrus notes. This strain is extremely easy to care for and is suitable for both beginners and experienced growers due to its adaptability to different climates.

Black Dom XXL Auto: BSF Seeds introduces the Black Dom XXL Auto, a pure Afghani landrace strain from the Hindu Kush mountains, now in its autoflowering version. This is a medium-sized strain that is very easy to grow and exhibits high resistance to pests and diseases. It produces high yields and impressive flower clusters. The strain has an intense aroma and is often mistaken for Kush due to its earthy taste. It is perfect for relaxation after a long day.

Moby-D XXL Auto: BSF Seeds presents the super-productive autoflowering version of a classic, the Moby-D XXL Auto. This strain retains all the characteristics of the feminized Moby-D that made it so popular but with the speed of an autoflower. It is tall, productive, and resinous, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Adequate space should be provided for its development indoors. The strain retains the full and intense aroma of the original Moby-D, with citrus, pine, and Haze notes, providing euphoria and energy.

Northern Auto XXL: BSF Seeds introduces another classic in its autoflowering version, the legendary Northern XXL Auto. This strain is known for its ease of care, good size, and high yields. It emits very little odor during growth and flowering, making it suitable for discreet projects. To achieve its full potential indoors, a single transplant and continuous watering are recommended. Northern Auto XXL is the perfect choice for a restful night's sleep and will undoubtedly impress.


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