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Can-Fan Max Fan Pro EC Ventilation Kit 200mm/1301m³ - °C & rH%

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Please Choose:

Choice of Connecting hose

(Length and type of hose):

Selection EC-Controller

1 meter

1 meter

1 meter

number of clamps

(2 pieces are recommended):

1 piece

other additional accessories

If silencer selected..

necessary connection accessories:

Connection accessories vent part

Add to Cart:


The high-quality ventilation set is ideal for a grow tent with a base area of 120cm x 240cm to 200cm x 200cm.

EC controller:

There are two choices for the EC controller.  

1) Can-Fan LCD EC Controller 

This high quality EC fan controller programmed for the EC motor fans such as Q-Max EC and Max Fan Pro series EC can control the environment easily. The included sensor measures temperature, humidity, day/night mode. Negative pressure is also available when using an intake fan; 15 programs are available with only 3 buttons.

The new Can Fan EC LCD control controller has a wide range of functionalities:

  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Day and night settings
  • Negative pressure settings
  • Maximum and minimum speed settings
  • Hysteresis settings
  • Control of up to 10 EC fans with a single controller
  • Plug & Play socket connection
  • Silent control

The new Can Fan EC LCD control is easy to operate with the Up / Down buttons. The 12 VDC power supply is included, as well as all necessary cables (4 meters), plugs and the sensor for day and night/temperature/humidity. Manual in 17 languages.

The Can Fan EC LCD controller is one of the most complete EC controllers available on the market.

2nd) CAN FAN EC Speed Control

Speed controller for Can Fan EC fans.

The Can-Fan EC Speed Controller, the easy to connect speed controller for silent control of our EC fans. The Plug & Play controller is very easy to use with only one hand movement. Included in delivery is a 4m long connection cable with an easy to connect 3.5 mm 4-pin jack plug for connection to our EC fans.

  • Plug and Play - easy to operate
  • Speed control
  • No additional power supply required
  • Easy connection with jack plug
  • 4 m jack connection cable 

The basic set includes:

1.) Can-Fan Max Fan Pro EC 200mm/1301m³ (incl. cable). 

It is ideal for rooms where high fan efficiency and quiet operation are required. Adapted to continuous operation. It is characterized by very high reliability. The fan has a 2-speed adjustment via the built-in remote control. The motor of the projector is made in Switzerland. The propeller is designed to produce a strong airflow while reducing the noise level.

2.) Can-Lite Activated Carbon Filter 1500m³/200mm (S-Steel)

The Can-Lite was developed after years of testing and research, and is characterized by easy installation, durability and effectiveness. The Can-Lite is manufactured using a similar process to the Can original filters, but instead uses a highly perforated, lightweight aluminum housing and a special grade of fresh CKV-4 carbon. As a result, the filters are lighter and can handle larger airflows without breaking down odors.


  • Light weight
  • Can handle relatively high (fan) flow rates
  • Flanges are pre-assembled on the filter
  • Packaged in its own carton
  • Pre-filter included

In addition, a connecting hose (usually 2m is sufficient), as well as mechanical clamps (minimum 2 pieces) for mounting are required for using the aeration kit. Select these and other additional components in the right column in the desired length, number and size. For the connection hose you can choose between different variants (Alu-Flex, Iso-Flex and Combi-Flex).

Note: If a silencer is also selected to minimize the noise of the fan, a connecting element for the ventilation parts must also be purchased. The silencer and fan can be connected either by means of a sleeve or with armor tape. We always recommend the sleeve as the more stable variant.

Info regarding silencer: The Can-Fan silencer has a length of 50cm and the SafeLine silencer a length of 60cm.


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